A decentralized automated liquidity protocol built on Solana, allowing users to exchange SPL tokens.
Why AMMs?
We believe AMM has the upper hand over CLOB-Based DEX regarding creating and managing liquidity easier users' habits, liquidity creation & management, and hype generation.
An established habitual product
Over the past two years, DeFi users have been educated on how to exchange assets using Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and a variety of other AMMs instead of order book DEXs. Most retail investors have become familiar with AMMs, so it would be difficult to change their habits.
A tool for simplified liquidity creations & management
AMMs simplify liquidity creation for both holders and builders.
Using AMMs will make creating and managing liquidity easier for builders because the popularly used x*y=k AMM design optimizes passive liquidity provision. Builders, therefore, can focus on their top priority: product development.
Moreover, AMMs transform holders into passive market makers, which also increases their “skin in the game” with the project.
A hype-generation machine allowing price discovery at ease
In the crypto industry generally and DeFi specifically, retail investors are vital to pushing the ecosystem forward via assets investing and speculating. To attract these players, we need to showcase the investment potentials by a price discovery machine.
AMMs are designed to enable the assets to reach their price discovery stage as quickly as feasible, attracting speculators and degens from other blockchains to Solana.
How is SarosSwap different from other AMMs?
Technically, SarosSwap uses the same x*y=k formula as other AMMs on the market, namely Uniswap and PancakeSwap. The focus on UX/UI and Gamification will set SarosSwap apart from the competition.
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