How to check wallet information on Saros
You can check various information about the wallets currently using Saros by selecting Pool -> Wallets
  • Total Address Active: the total users on Saros
  • Liquidity Providers: the number of LP providers on the platform
  • Account Farming: the number of accounts using SarosFarm
  • Account Stake: the number of accounts using SarosStake

The wallet information will be divided into 3 lists including: Liquidity Providers, Farm & Stake.
To check the information of a specific wallet on Saros -> Paste the wallet address into the search bar.
There are various information of this wallet, such as total value locked, the number of its farming/staked pools, LP Value, pool share percentage, etc.
You can select the Liquidity Providers, Farm, and Stake lists to check the detailed information of this wallet address.
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